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We have the following items available for sale:

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Hookahs: 2 example hookahs

      Again, I think that, for the price difference, most people will be happier with at least a medium-sized hookah (though of course the choice is yours). An example small hookah is the green one pictured at right; the blue one is a medium hookah.
      Hookahs generally are very colorful (the ones pictured here are pretty tame compared to some). Most color schemes seem insane (hot pink, teel blue, and dark green might be a typical example. There is also usually some strange, fuzzy embellishments to the hose or gaudy designs across the glass base. These are what make practically every hookah a unique and exotic item! If you have a preference concerning the dominant color or style of your hookah, please let me know and I will do my best to accommadate you (sorry, no garauntees though). Bases are either blue, green, or mostly clear (if you have no preference, the default color is blue). Hoses can be any color and are always more than a single color.
      I may be able to procure, upon special request, rounder, more exotic bases, brass hookahs, tiny hookahs, extra large hookahs or certain brands of shisha tobacco. Email me for more details. Hookahs with more than one hose are actually quite rare and I don't sell any.

Shisha: A box of apple shisha tobacco

      I encourage anyone to get at least one box of apple flavor, which is the most popular shisha flavor.
      Very occasionally a particular flavor may not be available. Should this happen, I will contact you to determine an alternate.

Coals: A box of square coals

      Unless you know that you can buy similar smokeless, self-lighting coals locally, you will probably want to order some. Do not use regular barbecue charcoal briquettes as it may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning!
      The round coals are usually flecked in gold and light somewhat faster than the square ones, but also burn out faster (in about half an hour). They do have a nice shape that fits well in a hookah bowl, but are rather fragile and may break during shipment.
      The square coals have a silver coating and light slower, but burn longer than the round ones (closer to 45 minutes). A box of them is pictured at right.

Shipping and Pricing:


      You can now pay online by credit card through the secure order processing company Kagi.
      To order by check, send me, by air mail, a list of what and how much of it you would like and a check (payable in US dollars) made out to "Zach Tomaszewski" for the full amount. My address is:

Zach Tomaszewski
P.O. Box 42401
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Please include your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. I will confirm receipt of your order by email and you should receive your shipment about two week later. Thanks!

All prices subject to change without notice.

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